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Building a future of clean water


We all know that eventually there will be a shortage of drinking water... There already is in many parts of the world. What you possibly didn't know is that water quality in overcrowded developed countries has deteriorated already. As the demand increases, and with the introduction of new contaminants like hormones and micro-plastics, fresh water is becoming a thing of the past.

By 2025, it is estimated that two-thirds of the world's population will be living in water-stressed regions and as the population continues to grow and concentrate in the cities, this is where people will start to feel it the most. 

We don't think this is ok and are building now, for a future of clean water for everyone. 

Our mission is to give you 100% pure water from your taps, regardless of the piped water quality in your area. We are designing this technology so that one day, anyone in the world will have clean water as well.

Our plan to make a difference

Nova has developed a portable, high speed, low energy distillation device, that can produce consistently pure water, without the need for replacement filters or reverse osmosis membranes. The water has laboratory standard purity, and can then be remineralised to provide mineral water quality, without the need for plastic bottles.

Part 1. 

  1. Produce a limited number of premium, high quality purifiers, better than anything on the market.
  2. Reimagined the traditional inefficient, impure and wasteful water purification process with an innovative under-counter design with stylish swan-neck tap and app-control technology.
  3. Develop a range of premium, ultra pure mineral cartridges for todays health and productivity enthusiast.
  4. Reduce the reliance on single use mineral water bottles, bough in hotels, spars, health clubs and offshore.

Part 2. 

  1. Produce a simple reliable replacement for high carbon filters and reverse osmosis machines.
  2. Our device will be able to quickly and cheaply produce enough water for any family, and be installed anywhere in the world where water quality is an issue.
  3. Provide affordable financing options for customers in remote regions, who want pure water at the lowest cost possible.
  4. Reduce the reliance on bottled water bought all around the world.

Why what we are doing matters:

1. By 2021, it is expected that 583.3 billion plastic bottles will be sold per year. (The Guardian – Euromonitor)

2. 8 million tons of plastic enter the water from land each year. (National Geographic)

3. By 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish. (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

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