A unique blend of technology, science and nutrition.

Our mission is to provide the purest drinking water on earth, wherever you are!

Our patent pending technology produces water that is:
60x Cleaner

than filtered water

3X Cleaner

than Reverse Osmosis


proven to hydrate faster

1 Cartridge

= 250 plastic bottles

Only Schoon gives you:

Price match promise

Prices matched daily

Free scheduled delivery

Next day delivery, including weekends

Money back guarantee

Free 35-day return policy

Pay monthly

Spread the cost up to 12 months

Why we started...

We all know that eventually there will be a shortage of drinking water. There already is in many parts of the world. What you possibly didn't know is that water quality has deteriorated already, as the demand has increased. 

By 2025, it is estimated that two-thirds of the world's population will be living in water-stressed regions and as the population continues to grow and concentrate in the cities, this is where people will start to feel it the most. 

It's not that there isn't enough water out there, it's that 99.993% of water on the planet is undrinkable and current water purification methods and products aren't good enough to deal with the modern problem.

Our mission is to give you 100% pure water from your taps, regardless of the piped water quality in your area. We are designing this technology so that one day, your water quality isn't decided by where you live.